Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Value In The Hand Made.

There truly is value in the handmade. That's what we do at Julie Ann Events. Handmade decorations. Last year we gained a daughter, bringing our family of four up to a family of five. This year we lost our daughter. Immediately after our family went back to being just four, I had the strongest desire to redo our whole house. Since we had been a family of five, we had started looking into purchasing another house. A larger house to accommodate our growing needs. It was fun walking through houses and seeing the potential in them. Since we're back to four, we have decided to stay where we are for the moment, but that decision did not extinguish the itch I had developed for change in our home. As a result, I have enjoyed changing up the house we have been living in.

Since this past Christmas season, when I decided to switch out all of our Christmas decorations and transition to a neutral color scheme, I decided to keep as much of the white as possible throughout our home. I made these fun pillow covers for our living room. Using the throw pillows I already had, I took a fitted white queen sheet that was wearing thin, and cut it up to make these three pillows. It was a fun challenge to use the elastic from the edge of the sheet, and create the design on the bottom pillow. The pillow on the very top was created using the ribbing from the edge of the sheet as well. There was enough material left from the same sheet to create more fabric flowers to decorate this small lamp in our hallway.

However, one of my personal favorite handmade items I have made recently are the white flowers on this window. At Christmas time it held a fun winter scene with the number 25 on one pane. I kept the window in the same location of our kitchen, but I now I have flowers cascading down the whole window.

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