Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our Guest Room.

I chose the color for our guest room based on the name. "Secluded guestroom". It's a relaxing shade of blue. A white sheet became quick curtains for me, and I added extra material to create vertical ruffles. The boards that I used for the board and batten wall came from trees off of my father-in-law's farm. The wood itself was pretty warped, but it lends its own unique personality to the room, and I like the story and price tag that came with it.

There's a hallway that connects two bedrooms and a bathroom. We keep our time out chair there. I got this chair from a friend after I helped her type out a book of poetry that she wrote. It's an antique chair that men would hang their suit jackets on. We also have this lovely wash stand dresser that another friend gave me. She had it standing around in her barn and never used it. One day when we were antique shopping together, I mentioned that I had always wanted a dresser like this. The next thing I knew it was sitting in our house. She was also the friend that gave me the old doors and window frames. The lamp sitting on top of the washer dresser always stays on. It brightens up that dark hallway leading to the guest bathroom. 

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