Monday, March 31, 2014

How I Got Two New Rooms Without Spending A Dime {First Room}.

Ok, so maybe I bought a gallon of white paint. My two kids will be five and seven this year. For the first time in their short lives, they will have their own bedrooms. My daughter kept her room the same. We just replaced her twin bed with a larger size. And used that gallon of white paint on all of the furniture that we got from my in-laws. The pink and white chenille blanket on her bed comes from an estate sale. I've been saving it for a couple years in anticipation of the day when she would get her own room. I actually based the whole design concept of her room around this particular blanket.

You definitely find the best {and most random} items at thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales.  This whole room was pretty much furnished from one of those three. From the vintage pillow cases, to the lamp that my daughter just had to have for her new bedroom, the vintage baby stroller carrier that holds the stuff animals she's had to sleep with her whole life, and finally to the mirror that used to be a ghastly gold color before I painted it white!

I love hand embroidery. I love the detail in every single stitch. These particular pieces are not family heirlooms, but I always wonder about the person who spent the time making them. As soon as I saw them, I knew that these two sweet girls just had to come share the new room with my daughter. And while I was painting my daughter's furniture white, she wanted to paint her baby bed that we purchased from Ikea white at the same time!

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