Thursday, April 16, 2015

There's A Wocket In My Pocket DIY Costume.

I was impressed when my son came up with this costume on his own for Literacy Week. He decided he would pick a classic storybook character, and chose Dr. Seuss as the author. Then he chose from his favorite Dr. Seuss book. 

I quickly scoured the internet for costume ideas, and found this image {source} that you can click on. I copied it since we don't have a printer, it is a fabulous template. I am not sure where the original source comes from. Please feel free to let me know, so I can give the proper person credit.

During my trip to the craft store, I was able to pick up a sheet of yellow and green construction paper. A big difference between Hong Kong and the United States of America, is that Hong Kong sells you individual sheets of paper, while the States will sell you a whole pack at one time. 

After I cut out the wocket, I attached it to some card stock to make it look that the wocket was resting in my son's pocket. I purposely chose a white shirt for my son to wear so that it makes the wocket more visible during the parade that they will have at their school.

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