Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Tour Of Our Home.

A couple years ago I did a similar blog post showcasing the holiday decorations in our home. I thought it would be fun to blog about it this year as well. Chalk art is very popular, and it's fun to incorporate it into our Christmas decorations as well. The year after I switched up all of our Christmas decorations and went with a grey and white color scheme, a friend of mine went with the similar silhouette design idea and switched up her Christmas decorations using a lime green and white chevron striped fabric and embroidering red silhouettes on top of the fabric. It was super cute. The design possibilities are endless!

Do you remember that song from The Sound of Music "brown paper packages tied up with string... these are a few of my favorite things..." There's actually a lot of winter references in that song that Maria sings. This year as I wrapped presents, I wanted to keep things simple. So I went with brown paper packages and tied them up with string! To let me know which present belongs to whom, I wrote the receivers initial on the package. I tend to put my Christmas tree up early in the season, but we wait to put up our live tree until after Thanksgiving. There's something about the smell of that fresh Fraser Fir that reminds us of Christmas time.

It's important to our family, that we celebrate the birth of Christ during the season. As a visual reminder to our children, we have a lot of nativity scenes in our home. My favorite place to put them is at the bottom of the Christmas tree. For our family, the birth of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of all.

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